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The von Geheims are a sordid page in Berlin's history, marked with ancient debts and old grudges, fraught with scandal, secrecy, and treachery. There were half a dozen of them before the 20th century; Cecilia von Geheim, childe of the bloodline founder Graf von Geheim zu Graz; Gustaf von Geheim, Cecilia's blood-nephew and childe of Volker von Geheim; Theresa von Geheim, childe of Gustaf, Conrad and Wilhelmine von Geheim, childe of Cecilia von Geheim. What happened to them was the stuff of conspiracy and wild speculations. It was generally held that Cecilia left Berlin shortly before the war. The cousin, Gustaf, was executed in a very public manner by Prince Leopold von Hohenzollern. The others straight up disappeared. Only Wilhelmine remained, the last original member of her bloodline in Berlin.

Now Wilhelmine has stepped away from the limelight, content with her self-imposed exile from politics. She maintains the Ordo Dracul chapterhouse in Wannsee, and despite everything, she still throws the best parties in Berlin.


A blonde woman in her mid-thirties, aristocratic in bearing, with cobalt blue eyes and sharp, Germanic features. Her hair is curled up in side-swept chignon, with nary a strand out of place. She wears an enigmatic half-smile on her wine-coloured lips. Her outfit is a corseted evening gown that hugs her figure like a cocoon. Gemstones of clear blue topaz decorate the lobes of her ears and the base of her neck. On the ring finger of her left hand, she wears a smooth oval stone of lapis lazuli.


  • Hellfire parties are what the Geheim are known for. Keep your eyes open. You don't want to miss the next round of invitations.
  • Blut Alchemie and other sanguinary deeds. Transformation is the path to Ascendancy.


  • Neonates still laugh and do the goose-step behind her back. She may have made a mistake, but when was the last time your faux-pas started the Second World War?


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