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Elvira Hochberg is the foremost numismatist of West Berlin. She collects the currency of Kindred society—boons—and catalogues their provenance as if one might rare coins or antiques. A ruthless analyst with no patience for social gossip, Frau Hochberg approaches her job with the keen, logical mind. Her expert opinion is sought after when it comes to boons and prestation, and as such she occupies a position of some respect in the Praxis.


Elvira is a woman of average stature, pale and prim, and dressed in a black matching set of suit and skirt. She has grey eyes and dark hair which is often gathered up behind her head in a bun. Her appearance is always restrained and professional, from her makeup to her heels to the silver earrings that dangle at her ears. She has refined, handsome features—a straight nose and neutral lips, framed by an oval jawline.


  • Buying... or selling? Depending on who you ask, Frau Hochberg may give you a great deal, or screw you over in the process.


  • She is a Mekhet. They're always hiding something.


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